Technology Is a Boon or Bane

Topics: Literacy, Research, Filename extension Pages: 5 (739 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Médecins Sans Frontières- Brussels & The Centre for Strategic Health Information and Operational Research, The Union, Paris

Operational Research Course - Application Form


Module 1a:Research questions and protocol development
2nd – 6th July 2012
Module 1b:Data management and data analysis
9th – 13th July 2012
Module 2:Writing a scientific paper
May 2013


Luxembourg city, Luxembourg


1. Applicant Information
Please fill in your name exactly as it appears on your passport.

Title: Prof Dr Mr Ms Male Female

Family name (surname) First (given) name
Home address
City (+city code)Country
Tel Fax

Place of work

Work address

City (+city code)Country
Tel Fax

Citizenship (passport) Passport N°
Date of birth
Place of birth (city, country)

Current Profession (Job title):

Job Description

2. Knowledge of English
Spoken:Excellent Good Average
Written:Excellent Good Average

Up to what level have you studied English? *
Number of years?
* elementary school, secondary school, college/university, professional

3. Computer Literacy
Word: Proficient Intermediate Beginner Never used Excel: Proficient Intermediate Beginner Never used Internet: Proficient Intermediate Beginner Never used Epi Info/EpiData:Proficient Intermediate Beginner Never used

How often do you use the computer in a week?
How many hours in a day do you use the computer?

Kindly note that all participants are required to bring a laptop (Windows compatible, English keyboard) to the course

Being computer literate means daily usage of and familiarity with your PC Windows laptop. You are required to have i) an up-to-date patented virus protection software
ii) proficiency in file and folder management
iii) knowledge of computer organisational structure
iv) familiarity with the role and concept of file names and extensions v) ability to set up display of relevant file information (file name, extension, size, and date) vi) understanding short-cut keys and using these for efficient copying, pasting, searching and replacing file elements vii) openness to learn new methods to improve.  No prior knowledge of course software is required.  You are only eligible if you understand this paragraph.

4. Have you ever attended other operational research training programmes or courses? Yes No
If yes, please indicate the name of the programme:

Year Conducted by (organisation)

5. Supervisor (Programme Manager/Medical /Operational Director) Name

City (+ city code)Country
E-mail .

6. Mentor (Experienced technical adviser, who will take charge, guide and support the applicant) Name
City (+ city code)Country
E-mail .

7. Sponsorship
MSF Luxembourg or the supporting institution will provide a full scholarship which includes all tuition fees, travel expenses, meals and accommodation.


Please send with your Application Form the following documents: • Detailed Curriculum Vitae
• Two references
• Written statement confirming your commitment to participate in all three course modules, return to your current disease-control programme/project or health institution following the course, and apply the knowledge gained • Written commitment that you will mobilise the funds required to carry out operational research at programme level during the course • Written statement from your direct supervisor/officer/operations department...
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