Technology and Benefits to Society

Topics: IPhone, Mobile phone, ITunes Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Let us think about all of the great technological advancements from the past 30 years. What would man do without that computer to type reports or to log onto Facebook? How about that new Smartphone to text friends with or give someone a quick call? We do not see how embedded these items are in our daily lives. Technology has without a doubt improved millions of lives and the invention of the cell phone, computer, and media player has contributed a great deal to such success.

Mostly everyone has a cell phone these days. There are third graders with the new iPhone 5. This just shows how the priority of communication overcomes parents. With cell phones, a text is just a few buttons away. It is amazing how in the past, the fastest way to talk to someone far away was by snail mail. Sometimes it would take a couple of months just for the letter to be delivered. Now all it takes is a couple of seconds! The intelligence of these phones are also growing. Phones store more pictures, music and videos than ever. And now voice commands are an option on many phones. This comes to show how easy and useful cell phones are and how much we rely on them.

Computers, just like cell phones, have a huge impact on a person's life. Students need them for reports, research, music, online shopping and many other jobs. Social media is trending and Facebook and Twitter have millions of users. Why? Because they keep people in contact with others. You can Skype with family back home or even study over video chat; there is nothing a computer can not do. The wide variety of actions this device has is growing each day and so are the ways it benefits society.

A huge alternative to radios are media players. The commonly know iPod franchise has brought in millions of dollars because of the popularity and usability of the products. The iPod is a music player as well as a computer, a camera, a book, a newspaper, and a game player all in one. It's great for exercise too because you can set a...
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