Technology Ethics in the Classroom

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Technology Ethics in the Classroom
In schools today, there are many more students than there were thirty years ago. With the growth of population in schools and students becoming smarter with technology, it’s very important for teachers to integrate and maintain ethics in the classroom. Today’s teachers have concerns with allowing students to get on the internet, putting their work online, and all the copyright laws. It is very wise for teachers to tell students and give them examples on how to use technology while in the class and stay consistent all year. According to Kuzu, “Ineffectiveness of policies to guide individuals while using computers to serve for the greater good allows unique ethical problems to emerge.” (Kuzu, 2009). A big problem that comes up for students is even letting them use computers in class because of internet security. Parents have a problem that their kid may get exposed to sites that are not appropriate for them. They need to see that the schools and teachers will have some kind of security or system set up that ensures them that their kid will not be easy pray for predators or exposed to any unfit site. Here in my hometown our school system does not allow the teachers to enforce security. They have put into place a filtration system that automatically declines students to ant access to sites that are unfit to view. It also does this to the teachers. Each teacher has their own login name and password that allows them to get online. They do allow request to be made of a temporary override of the filter by the teachers though. Everything is monitored by the tech department they do not need to have permission to do this. If for some reason or another a student would gain access, the teacher would be at fought. When students try to go to sites that they shouldn’t go to there’s an automatic pop up that has the word stop and the attempt is ended. Teachers should not at anytime allow their students to use a personal login. This needs to be...
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