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C. Technology and Related System in Hanif Silk Industry
Historically handloom has got its predominance and heritages in Bangladesh. The tradition of weaving cloth by hand constitutes one of the richest aspects of Bangladesh culture and heritage. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved in handloom fabrics are unparallel and unique. The handloom can meet every need from exquisite fabrics of daily use. The industry has displayed innate resilience to withstand and adopt itself to the changing demand of modern times. The vast majorities of Bangladeshi handlooms are engaged in weaving cotton and blended fabrics although handloom cloth of silk earned a good reputation. Famous areas for silk weaving are Rajshahi, Tangail and Nobabgonj . Rajshahi produces mainly silk sarees, a special type of cloth weared by the women folk. Tangail produces also silk saree namely Tangail Muslin and Narayangonj produces the famous Jamdani saree, silk sarees Tangail Muslins and famous jamdani. Zari work called brocade is also famous in Mirpur, Dhaka Technology used in production: The technology being followed in the Hanif industry is an old one, all most hundred per cent manual systems are still continuing. Every piece produced in the manual system, is a unique product in terms of color combination, design and finishing. Weavers opine that automation is not possible in their way of doing the things. Benarashe Industry in general, follow the ‘Job Order Costing’, every piece is being produced separately by separate individual/small group. Flow Chart showing the sequence of activities in this regard is shown below: In Hanif 30 craft man has been using their skills to produce around five thousand saree to fulfill our local demand.

Flow Chart 1: Manufacturing Flow of Hanif silk Shari

Collection of Raw Materials

Production of Shari
Other Middleman
Individual Parties

Order Received
Silk Yarn
Dyeing Materials
Beautification Materials...
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