Technology's Effect on Life

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Researching into Information Technology and its impact on society.

The mobilisation of technology: Will the ever increasing number of smart mobile devices (iPhones etc..) impact on the way we conduct our lives (work and private).

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to examine if smart mobile devices will change the way we conduct our lives, both personally, and in the workplace.

To determine this, I have briefly looked at the development of the Smartphone, including its transition from a business tool into a device being used in both the business and consumer markets. I have identified some challenges being faced by users of these devices, including challenges concerning boundaries between work lives and personal lives, as well as mental challenges to do with the increased levels of accessibility and availability of employees to the work place. I have looked into the range of applications available to users, which allow them to customise their Smartphones to create a tool that is unique to them and their needs. I have also touched on the increasing connectedness afforded to users enabling them to access their social contacts, music collections, games, and the wider Internet at any time of the day or night. I conclude the report by determining that behaviour has already been modified and that past development indicates that further change is coming.

Table of Contents
Executive Summaryii
1 What is a smart mobile device (iPhone etc.)?1
1.1 History of the Smartphone1
2 Smartphones in the workplace1
2.1 Increasing productivity2
2.2 Blurring of work and personal time2
3 Smartphones in our personal lives3
3.1 Smartphone adoption, a breakdown3
3.2 What are we doing with these devices4
3.3 Information dissemination4


The purpose of this report is to examine if smart mobile devices will...
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