Do Smartphones Increase or Decrease Social Interaction?

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Do smartphones increase or decrease social interaction?

Samuel Walendowsky

English Composition I

Mrs. Meinhardt

November 25, 2012


Everyday more smartphones are sold around the world, nowadays there are about 1 billion smartphones being used in the entire world. Now it is much easier and faster to share information, experiences, pictures and ideas to everyone. We are getting so used to all of these technologies that soon we will not be able to live without them anymore. But sometimes people overuse their devices and this can be very dangerous once you may lose all of your human interaction skills.

Do smartphones increase or decrease social interaction? The first smartphone was developed in 1992 by the company IBM and sold by BellSouth Cellular Corp. It was nicknamed, “Simon” and had the following features: a calendar, an address book, a calculator, an email service, and a touch screen. They offered Simon for $899 with a two-year service contract and for $1099 without a contract. BellSouth Cellular sold approximately 50.000 units. Following Simon, the company Nokia released the Nokia 900 in 1996. The Nokia 900 was a palmtop computer-style phone combined with a PDA from HP. In the late 90s people were still used to have a palm top and a cell phone as the cell phones only had the basic features. Later, in 2004, the company HP released the iPaq h6315 which was a device that combined their previous PDA, the HP2215 with cellular capability. Now, 20 years later, the company Apple sells the new iPhone 5 with a lot more features such as internet, voice command, camera to take pictures and record videos, GPS and music player for the price of $200 with a two-year service contract and for $650 without a contract which makes it much easier for anyone to acquire a smartphone. As the price has decreased so much the number of smartphones sold had a huge increase. Only considering the iPhone there are approximately 73 million smartphones in the world which is 1460 times more than the number that BellSouth Cellular sold. Nowadays, there are around 1 billion smartphones around the world and every day more iPhones are sold than babies are born in the world. This means that in a couple of years almost half of the world population will have a smartphone. The smartphone brings so many advantages for society. With the new technologies a person in the United States can communicate to another one in China with just one call or even via text message. These new devices are making the world “smaller” and therefore make it a lot easier to share your ideas, thoughts and experiences whenever you want. Since a smartphone is small and light you can always carry it in your pocket and thus be connected with the entire world 24 twenty-four-seven. The most used feature of smartphones is the internet, but actually the most used applications are not the internet browsers. In fact, the most used applications are Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Summarizing the social applications, pictures, thoughts and experiences can be shared with friends and you can also comment and discuss them. The smartphone still has a lot of features and applications that can help not only the communication between people, but can also help them at their workplace. The most recent devices have an great feature that allows the user to open Word, Excel and Power Point documents. As a result, you can work on important projects on a short bus ride or when you are stuck in traffic. In addition, you can also be always connected with the news about your city or even news around the world. However, the main problem of the new generation of smartphone users which are teenagers between the ages 15-25 years, is that they overuse their devices. Every day you see more people using...
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