Iphone Evaluation Project

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IPhone Evaluation
New top-end mobile phones such as the Apple Iphone are allowing a new class of mobile to emerge in the world today. Combined with its ease of use, rich design, and well-organized application system through Apple App Store makes the Iphone an appealing platform for development of other smartphones. The Apple IPhone was released on June 29, 2007 by CEO of Apple Steve Jobs (Honan). The IPhone offers many of the innovative features found on competing devices, but it also differs from other smartphones on the market. In what follows, we will present a qualitative comparison of the Apple IPhone to the Blackberry Storm. Blackberry has been around the game longer than the IPhone has been out, but Apple took a bigger leap in business introducing the IPhone. The IPhone was a big target to put Blackberry down; the IPhone with a 3.5 inch screen, 640 x 960 pixels resolution and capacitive, multi touch screen was no match for Blackberry’s 3.25 inch display, 360 x 480 pixels, and only a capacitive touchscreen. The IPhone one upped the classy Blackberry Storm in every category that is out there. Being a both RIM Blackberry user and a current Iphone user, I must say that there is a big difference switching devices. Blackberry demographics are to business men, while the Iphone is also to business but also traits for kids. The pros of the IPhone are its sleek creative design, fast response, App world, camera in front of the phone, and better memory. Cons of the IPhone are the battery life doesn’t last so long when talking on phone and using a lot of applications. Blackberry Bold has a great battery life, but for a kid is pretty boring. Twitter, Facebook, text, and phone calls are mostly the only thing you can do while operating a Blackberry.

The Iphone is a hot phone these days with the sky rocket with sales not much you can say on why you don’t want one unless there is a money issue involved, but Jennifer Martinez wrote an interesting journal, “Why both...
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