Technical Communication Methods and Practices

Topics: Police, Constable, Communication Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Technical Communication Methods and Practices
Jerome Armstead
Interpersonal Communication
Don Gemeinhardt

There are many different accidents that may occur that law enforcement may encounter on a day to day bases. Officers must know how to react to these calls in order to effective communicate with others. Effective communication will allow an officer the know how to specifically get the help that he needs in order to complete the task with the correct tools. The police officer needs to be able to communicate with the accident victims, another officer, the department, or even the dispatcher. There are different types of accidents that may occur such as fire accidents, auto accidents, homicides, robberies and routine traffic stops just to name a few. The accidents that occur may have different procedures that have to occur in order for the accident to be effectively communicated between individuals. Accident investigation procedures are used when there is an injury or property is damaged. Depending on the reason of the accident, specific procedures must be followed throughout the course of an investigation. We think of law enforcement as just police officers, but the fire department is a part of law enforcement that gets over looked. They play a big role in many accidents that are not necessary their primary job. They are what is called in many society . A fire accident begins with the fire department. The fire department has standard procedures that they follow in order to maintain order and to insure the safety of their personnel and the individuals involved in the accident. The fire department attempts to put out the fire and rescue the people, if any, that are trapped inside the premises. The surrounding area is blocked off, as to prevent the fire from spreading. Additionally the area is secured so that it protects the public. While the firemen are doing their jobs the police also are called. Police are also in the...
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