Community Oriented Policing

Topics: Police, Problem solving, Crime Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: December 21, 2012
LaChandra Point
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Ideal Traits of a Police Officer

There are several traits that form the foundation of an ideal police officer. Among these are honesty, ethics, and moral character. According to Dennis Nowicki, there are twelve qualities that are essential for entry-level officers to possess. These qualities include enthusiasm, good communication skills, good judgment, a sense of humor, creativity, self-motivation, knowledge of the job and the system, ego, courage, discretion, tenacity, and a thirst for knowledge. Besides being able to meet psychological and physical challenges, as well as display good communication skills, officers have to be able to think clearly during times of stress, admit faults, and defend what is right. Knowing the requirements of the administration and the role of a police officer along with the particulars of the justice system is imperative. Not knowing what to expect and the proper means to get things accomplished can prove detrimental to the officer and the public. An officer must possess the ability to stay focused no matter the situation and use discretion to make appropriate decisions based on their knowledge. An ideal officer needs to be motivated enough to make things happen and to proactively solve crime and deter criminals. The ability to be creative, using various techniques in problem solving has proven to be very beneficial as well. Enthusiasm and ego are also important traits in an ideal officer because officers must believe in themselves and the work they are to perform. Since less interest is being shown in policing careers, departments have begun to call attention to the occupation’s positive aspects such as insurance, vacations, plans for retirement, and opportunities for advancement. Other than minimum requirements, new recruits must successfully complete the hurdle process which helps to weed out undesirable candidates. Through a series of background checks and tests, individuals who are...
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