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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Why would I like to be a senior officer? FFA is a passion of mine that started in the sixth grade, at McLaughlin Middle School. When I think of a FFA officer, I think of leaders, responsibility, determined men and women, creativity, team work, so many great things that everyone in life need! I have been a officer in the past. I have completed the following duties, reporter, vice president and currently I’m the secretary for the junior officer team. I do believe I am capable of being a great officer because, I’m reliable, responsible, dedicated, determined, respectful, creative, positive. To be good at anything you need to be trustworthy and have a positive attitude to get through you giving tasks. You cant be a good leader if your not trustworthy and responsible! No one will respect you if your not believable. I treat everyone and everything with respect. I tend to take my commands and duties to heart. That’s where the dedication comes in with me. I don’t like to come in empty handed. Responsibility is big with everything in life. When you accept the honor and privilege of being a officer it’s a huge responsibility. I am a reliable person, I try to complete every giving task and job. I do go out of my way to help people do their own jobs, even if it doesn’t benefit me. Team work? Sure, I’m defiantly a people’s person. I would rather work In a group instead by myself. That’s my opinion on working together. That is another thing you have to learn to do when you get a job. FFA benefits you in so many ways, it’s such a learning experience you wont find in any other club. Getting the honor and privilege of being a senior FFA officer would be a new learning experience and life long memories for me. I know I would make a spectacular officer. And the time I have been on the junior officer team has helped me understand a little how the senior officers work. So, I do already know how to take on the awesome job they have done and keep it going, for years and years...
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