The Movie: Training Day V. Real Policing

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  • Published : April 29, 2008
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The job of a police officer is extremely prestigious and commands a great deal of respect. It can also be very controlling and demanding. They work long and vigorous hours to sustain law and order, provide services to the public to guarantee their safety, and protection of their property. The satisfaction obtained from knowing that they can protect and defend public lives and property is a big deal. But even with this great deal of responsibility, some police officers still tend to break laws and commit acts of corruption. The movie Training Day is a great example of police corruption. Training Day is a police drama that stars Ethan Hawke as Jake Hoyt, a rookie cop at the Los Angeles Police Department, who is eager to join the supreme narcotics unit, led by Denzel Washington, who plays Detective Alonzo Harris, a thirteen year veteran and Detective Sergeant. Harris has decided to give Hoyt a chance to join his team with a one day tour of the streets. As the day wears on, it is starting to become increasingly clear to the Hoyt that his experienced mentor has not only shown hypocrisy and corruption, but has blurred the line between right and wrong to a serious degree. Hoyt becomes conflicted with his conscience and starts to suspect that he is not really being educated on how the narcotics department is supposed to run but rather being set up as the fall guy in a deadly scheme. This movie does not exemplify what the police force represents. A good police officer should be able to perform daily police functions without misconduct, have the ability to make decisions and communicate clearly, and also have proper supervision to prevent misconduct. Police officers have basic requirements that must be met in order to be employed by any police department. These requirements consist of age, citizenship, background check, education, good character, physical health, residency, and a valid driver’s license. Police officers also have to go through a selection and training...
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