Community Policing

Topics: Police, Prohibition in the United States, Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 4 (1734 words) Published: November 5, 2012
In my opinion to understand the way things are today you must first understand the history and background. So with that being said I would start off the class with the history and background of policing. The modern concept of police was started in London in 1829 by Robert Peel. Robert Peel felt that the law should be responsible up to the prosecution phase but the trial, conviction and punishment phase should be the responsibility of another party. However, Robert Peel’s approach and community policing one thing is the main goal and that’s prevention of crimes. ( I would then go into the times for reform which occurred in the late 1800’s. I would discuss American history which was divided into three eras. These three eras were the political era, the reform era and the community policing era. The political era this occurred from 1840 to 1930. This focused on close ties between police and politicians as well as first emphasis on making politicians happy. Next was the reform era that occurred from 1930 to 1970. This focused on professional crime fighting and arrest were the main focus of police. Then last was community policing from 1970 and is still used today. The focus of this era was partnership between police and the community. ( Community policing and problem solving gives the public an opportunity to work with police in order to prevent crimes. In conclusion our country has continued to follow Robert Peel’s ideas of effective policing. Before policing can be effective the community and the police must work together to make this happen. Peel believed that the police are the people and the people are the police. (

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