Team Roles of a Football Team

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Compare the roles of the different members of a team

Football teams

There are many different roles in the modern football team; teams consist of 11 players with one player in the goal and the rest playing outfield all the roles of the different members of the team are vital in the team winning a game. Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper is a very specialised role compared to all the other members of a team, a goalkeeper will rarely end up playing in a different position, where as other members of the team e.g. midfielder may swap positions with a winger. Goalkeepers are the only players allowed to touch the ball with their hands, but only within the penalty area, this is why goalkeepers wear a different jersey to the rest of the team so the referee can distinguish them between other players. The referee’s job is stop the other team scoring by preventing the ball from entering the goal for this reason there role is mainly defensive


The Defender plays behind the midfielders usually playing in the half of the field that there goal is located, There main responsibility is to prevent the opposition having a chance to get a shot on goal Defenders are split up into different categories-Left back, right centre-back, left centre-back, centre-back, right-back.

Midfielders are players who play between the strikers and the midfielders, there main responsibilities are to keep possession of the ball, receive the ball from the defenders and get it to the strikers and tackle other opposing players, most teams have a central midfielder with their main responsibility being to break up the other teams attacks while the other midfielders main objective is to create goal opportunities, midfielders play all over the pitch as at certain times during a match they may be required to help with defence or help attack with the strikers

Strikers play nearest to the other team’s goal, the main responsibility of strikers is to score goals; there other...
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