Qualities of Sports Leaders

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Qualities of sports leaders

The four different qualities I will be talking about are decision making, evaluation, communication and also talking about managing a group. After I explained theses I will then relate them to an effective sports leader.

An effective sports leader needs to make decisions in long term and short term parts. They need to consider what to do and why. Making good decisions will come through good experience of having to make big decisions either within a game or outside. Decision making means a sports leader makes a choice of what to do to help his own team out.

A good sports leader will take the time to evaluate their own performance or other participants. Evaluating their own performance helps them to see their mistakes and help to improve in the near future. They have to consider what went well and what things they could improve on. They also needs to think about there team mates and make sure they can lead them on with advice to help them to improve on the future. Evaluation means looking at a performance of a player and giving him feedback to what he thinks of it such as good points and bad points.

Having a good level of communication with your team mates is vital in a team based game. Communicating with all your team mates can help them become more aware and ready for what could be happening in the game. E.g. a player calling “time” when they have enough time to control the ball if they do not know about it. This quality could be one of the most important qualities to have as a sports leader. There are various ways to communicate with your team mates but this will not be successful if the message is not clear or understood which today in football is a lot harder as there are many different races that compete in a team. The different ways to communicate are verbally, non-verbally, by listening, by demonstrating and by assisting.

Verbal communication is talking to your team to help your participants. Making it clear helps a lot and not to confuse anyone. They must be constructive and positive as normally critical or negative comments can upset people and bring them down. But in other ways it pulls people up and it makes them more aware and careful of their own performance which can affect it in a positive way. But the leader must be experienced in knowing the player or team mate to know how to push them on the best way possible. Non-verbal communication can be used within a sports team game. Theses can be body language, gestures, hand signals or facial expressions. These can make people aware just as well as verbal if they could not hear. Remember that actions speak louder then words! Using listening is vital part of communicating to your team. Because taking points of your team mates could also help you as a sports leader will need feedback also. Also discussing points within a game that they felt they could improve on. Taking in what they say about a certain situation is very important.

Demonstrating activities and skills is very important to lead others into how to do it properly. This is a different way of communicating to others. It leads them on without actual verbal communication. Showing people how to do something with skill in a game or not can push people on to let them no they should do it this way. This makes a sports leader a role model to the rest. It also makes it simple for people to try and make sure they do this skill in the correct way. The last way of communicating is assisting individuals. This is a way for a sports leader to show certain skills to others if they cannot successfully pull it off themselves. This includes various techniques to show them how to do it best. Communicating means showing different ways to being able to show your team your feelings within a game or different signals to help your team out.

The last quality I will talk about is managing a group. A sports leader may have to work with a lot of players or team mates at one time....
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