Team Culture

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Team culture
Having the right organizational culture that incorporates project management provides your organization with a number of benefits:| * Projects will be aligned with corporate strategies, ensuring that business objectives are met. * Projects come in on time, so your time to market is improved. * Projects come in on budget, potentially saving millions each year. * Projects meet customer expectations so customer satisfaction levels increase. * Project teams are more effective and efficient, leading to high morale and more dedicated staff.| The Project Culture is a proprietary change management process to help assess, identify and close the gaps between existing organizational culture and ideal organizational ‘project’ culture. The process has been designed from learning acquired through the research and experience we have conducted with organizations globally and applies our organization’s extensive knowledge capital and expertise.| |

It creates positive changes in the organizational culture that are sustainable and brought about by all staff. All staff is engaged in the process to ensure their voices are heard, their contribution is counted and to gain commitment and buy-in. The process will also ensure that the changing customer requirements are continually met and the strategic plan is successfully executed.| |

There are four steps in the Project Culture:
1. Create a Project Culture Steering Committee
2. Communicate the Project Culture to the organization.
3. Measure the organization’s current culture against the “ideal” project culture. 4. Develop strategies to close the gap between the current and “ideal” project culture.| |
Step 1: Create a Steering Committee
A cross-functional steering committee that consists of a mix of management and staff will lead the project, guiding the approach for the organization. This committee will report directly to their Sponsor, the CEO/President of the organization. It will...
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