Team Coflict

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This study examines the effects that team conflict has on morale, performance of tasks, and intrapersonal relationships in the workplace. Unit cohesion is a very big part of the day to day dealing within your workspace, as well as tackling big tasks or project for you company. With this research paper, we will take a look at if conflict within teams is really productive and inspires team growth or not. The methods that were used to collect this data stems from the articles that I chose to support this paper. They conducted surveys from low level to top management teams, broke down team dynamics, team diversity, the importance of team roles, and offered solutions to settle conflicts within teams, making them stronger as a results.

Keywords: Team conflict, team roles, performance, trust.

Team Conflict

What is conflict?

It is said that on average, human beings spend anywhere from thirty to forty-seven years of their lives working. Whether you are a top level executive or a zookeeper, every workplace is a workplace because it takes more than one person to keep a company running. So for all those years that we work, we are shoved into an office, cubicle, etc. with other people and expected to get along. We make acquaintances, establish working relationships with people, and sometimes even make enemies as well. But what happens when you’re put into groups and tasked to complete a project together? Who will step up and lead? What roles will everyone play to complete this task? Will the group cohesively work together or fall apart because of differences of opinion and leadership?

Conflict is defined as physical or psychological struggle associated with the perception of opposing or incompatible goals, desires, demands, wants, or needs. McLean, S. (2005). In Business Communications for success, Scott Mclean says that conflict will be present in every context or environment where communication occurs often, so...
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