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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Team Case Analysis “Teamwork Turmoil”

Management 300
Marcia Ruben

Jerry Huang Sania Malik
Olga Levkina
Grace Wu
Miller Zhang

Teamwork Turmoil

Case Analysis

Key Strategic Issue
The case “Teamwork Turmoil,” (by Hodge, Jenkins and Isabella (2007), shows how teamwork can be inefficient if one of the members of the team does not contribute. Tony Marshall, the second year business school mentor, created this learning team to primarily give students a chance to work outside of the class. In this case the learning team is self-managed, but lacks a team leader. By appointing a leader/project manager to the group in the case, the project manager can make an agenda, arrange meetings, and help each team member reach their individual goals efficiently. In this team, there is no team leader and members are afraid to discuss the issue faced by the team. Therefore, the key issue of this team is the lack of a project manager who can make sure that the team stays focused, has good communication skills, and reaches their end result efficiently. The project manager will also be able to speak with the team member who does not contribute. Alternative Courses of Action

The key issue of the team is the lack of a Project Manager/leader, who can make sure everyone, participates equally.Tony Marshall has four alternative courses of action. We believe that Tony Marshall should could have the team take the MBTI assessment in order to determine their type. They should could also participate in a team building activity that will allow them to become familiar with the similarities/differences between the team members and set ground rules. In addition, the team can divide the work equally so that one individual does not deliver for the whole team and everyone should be responsible for his or her own individual work. The team should could...
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