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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Evaluation of Websites providing information on Global Warming: Evaluating a website is a crucial act that must be completed while using the World Wide Web’s information or services. Online, anyone can create a website, and often the websites are not credible and legit. For this reason, Journalists working with online information sources have to be especially vigilant when evaluating the accuracy of the information presented. Much of a journalist’s credibility involves their ability to analyse and assume the information given is either trustworthy or unreliable. Throughout this essay I will evaluate a variety of websites based on the topic Global Warming. I will discuss and make clear why or why not the following websites are reliable and credible. Global Warming is a highly imperative issue occurring in today’s society. The heating of the earth may lead to various climate changes around the world. There has been much scepticism about Global warming of late, therefore making it a highly newsworthy issue in today’s society. The following websites will be subject to evaluation throughout the following essay:
In order to evaluate a websites legitimacy and credibility, there are main indicator s which are necessary to look out for. Firstly, the State Library of Victoria believes a factor indicating legitimacy in a website is the inclusion of easily found contact details. Also, working links and current information are both factors which indicate a credible website. Reliable sites are usually fully functional and regularly updated. Susan Beck, Collection Development Coordinator of the New Mexico State Library suggests to the public to check the accuracy of the information on the website, information free of errors is a factor indicating a legit website. Also, reliable websites mostly have in depth information of the topic covered and the...
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