Teaching Pronunciation

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According to the new school Curriculum and the European Council of Education the problem of teaching pronunciation in TEFL is a very actual one and it had been studied and analyzed by many great teachers. I tried also to do a research and I dedicated it to this topic :” WAYS OF TEACHING PRONUNCIATION IN TEFL “.I did it because I feel it important and necessary to be taught in schools lyceums or even individually. My research comprises four chapters .The first one is a practical one , the second and the third are practical chapters and finely the last one is left for general conclusions. As I have already mentioned the first chapter is a theoretical one and it is entitled “ Theoretical foundations of teaching pronunciation in TEFL “ . I thought it is necessary to speak here about difficulties in teaching and I am sure we can not teach English without having knowledge about micro skills and techniques used in modern teaching of English pronunciation. Concerning the second chapter , that means the “ Practical Part “, I displayed a vast information about the most important peculiarities of teaching English sounds . Every teacher of English needs to know that pronunciation consists also in teaching English vowels , consonants and diphthongs as well . Students in their turn should be taught to practice all these aspects through exercises and many other activities .It helps to students to pronounce sounds like the English people do and to develop a great instinct in each learner to speak a beautiful English .

Chapter number three is dedicated to teaching prosodic features . That is to say that when English is taught we have to take into account that it can not be taught without teaching intonation, rhythm and rhyme and even stress and sentence stress . All these are rendered in this chapter and also I tried to show that activities are important in this domain too. The last chapter is left as usually for general conclusions .While writing the conclusions I thought it would be good to mention the aspects I touched upon and to prove that what I did is of great importance in my future career as a teacher . But there is one more aspect I mean there are lots of aspects in English pronunciation which I did not study and even did not touch upon . Such aspects as weak and strong forms in sentences or even reading rules are also important in pronunciation . What I mean is that these topics can be studied and analyzed by the others in order to render a wonderful research which can be a real source for all the teachers and learners of English as a second language or as a foreign language . Probably my next research will be based on these aspects I have just mentioned above . I tried to do my best and I hope that my research dedicated to “ Ways of Teaching Pronunciation In TEFL “ will serve for teachers of English to teach their students the best pronunciation .

1.1 Difficulties In Teaching English Pronunciation
First of all I would like to begin with the question : “ What is pronunciation ? “ The English Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary gives the following definition for the termpronunciation - the way in which a language or a particular word or sound is pronounced and secondly it is the way in which a particular person pronounces the words of a given language , in our case , the words of English .Well, there are two aspects of pronunciation . The first - the way in which a language or a particular word or sound is pronounced needs a special attention . Why is it so ? Because in order to know how to pronounce the words or the sounds a person should be taught first. So in this paper we are trying to discover how many and which aspects of pronunciation must learn or must be taught . In G. V. Rogova’s “ Methods of Teaching English “ in the compartment “ Teaching Pronunciation “ we find that the first impact of any language comes...
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