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As a developing country, Vietnam currenty has an urgent need for the international language English to attract foreign investment as well as promote the economy, especially after becoming a member of the World Trade Organization. English, previously included in the curriculum from the first year of middle school, is now officially taught for children from six years old. Foreign language centers are dramatically increasing in number, and English is the most popular foreign language offered for learner. Although English has become an important demand for schooling and job opportunities, however Vietnamese people can not pronounce English properly. Like some other languages, Vietnamese has phonotactic features that keep native learners from pronouncing English like native speakers. In fact we know that, English pronunciation is reputedly a difficult barier in good learning this language. English phonetic features are very different from Vietnamese, however, almost English learners don’t attach much importance to this or teacherselves don’t make learners aware of the important of good English pronounciation at the beginning of learning English. In real-life of teaching and learning English, I know that good pronounciation is not a simple thing, especially with Vietnamese pupils who carry themselves arbitrary thought getting Vietnamese is the centre so they try to bend English to Vietnamese, it is an error. In real-life of teaching English I realize that anyone who pays much attention to pronounciation, get strictness with himself or herself in this field, he/she won’t get difficulty in being the master of English of him or herself. So we can say, to be good at English, first of all we have to be good at phonetic. Because of the importance of the phonetic and the difference between Vietnamese vowel sounds and English vowel sounds and the frequency of English vowel sounds errors which are made by almost Vietnamese speakers have caught significant attention to this area of the topic.


Compare English vowels and Vietnamese vowels:

To compare Vietnamese vowel sounds and English vowel sounds, first of all we have to understand what vowel sounds are? As we know that it is not easy to definite accuratelly this. According to the Cambridge advanced learner’s dictionary third edition. “Vowel is a speech sound produced by humands when the breath flows out through the mouth without being blocked by the teeth, tongue, or lips”. The others say that: Vowels is the “top” of a syllable. This definition is more scientific. Actually, vowels can be only a sound, they can be produced without consonants befort or after them, for example: “beat”, “hi”, but you can not say a [b] or [h] alone without at least a “little bit” of vowel sound. Beside this vowels can stand front, back, or central of consonants, for example: “may, beg” these vowels stand at the central of the consonants, “eggs, ants” these vowels stand front of the consonants, “be, he” these vowels stand back of the vowels. So to idetify among vowels we can depend the configuration of the vocal tract during its production. Different parts of the tongue may be high or low in the mouth; the lips may be spead or pursed, the velum may be raised or lowed. The passage through which the air travels, however, is never so narrow as to obstruct the free flow of the air stream. According to the upper discription, the Vietnamese language has thirteen single vowels: /i/, /e/ , /ε/, /ω/ , / ɤ /,/a/ , /u/, /o/ , / ɔ /, / ɤ̌ / , / ă /, / ɛ̌̌ /, ɔ̌, in which there are nine long vowels: /i/, /e/ , /ε/, /ω/ , / ɤ /,/a/ , /u/, /o/ , / ɔ /, and four short vowels: ɛ̌̌ (anh ách), ɔ̌ (ong óc), ɤ̌ (tân, thân) , /ă/ (rau đay). Beside single vowels, Vietnames also has three nuclear diphthongs: /ie/ (iê/ia), /ωə/ (ươ/ưa), /uo/ (uô/ua). According to the part of the tongue that is...
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