Teaching as a Career

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One day you go to school for the last time. What to do after that? You realize that the time to choose one job out of hundreds has come. Before you can choose, you ask yourself quite a lot of questions. Many young people consider teaching as a career. It is a real challenge to your character, abilities and talent, as teaching is a constant stream of decisions. Children in the classroom aren’t just boys and girls. Every is a unique individual who has never been before and will never again exist. If you like people, you will love teaching. To be a good teacher you must be really interested in what you are doing. The most important things in the world are awareness and learning – wanting to know every day of your life more and more. Because every time you learn something you become something new. An ignorant teacher teaches ignorance, a bored teacher teaches boredom. But a good teacher catalyzes in his pupils the burning desire to know and love for the truth and beauty. I think, that is the reason why humanity has the deepest respect for teachers. Ask yourself before choosing a career:

Why do I want to choose this career?
Will this job be in demand when I graduate? 
Will this job pay my financial needs? 
What I like to do?
What are you good at?
Where do you want to be in the future?

What is the qualities of good teachers ?
Good teachers should have the following qualities. First, they must know the material they are teaching very well. The knowledge which they teach students must be accurate, so understanding the material thoroughly is necessary. Morever, it makes them more confident if they are independent of textbooks. Second, they should be able to explain their knowledge. Each teachers must find their own methods to demonstrate the lesson. Many ways of teaching can be applied to make even the most difficult matter clear to students. Third, they must be patient and understanding. Among good students,...
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