Why to Teach

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Thomas Lee
Letter of Intent
Why I want to teach
To whom it may concern,
Teaching is much more than a job or an income. In order to be a teacher you must have a passion for teaching in you. So you will have that passion for being able to teach the children. There are a few reasons for wanting to teach. First, teaching is something you must love to do and have your heart in the right place. Second, teaching is tough. Finally, teaching is the most rewarding place to be.

Teaching is much more than a job because if you have the love to teach then you will be able to impact many students positively along your teaching career. I have been deciding what I wanted to be since I got out of high school and once I came across elementary teaching I could tell before I even got into any classes in school it was for me. I always have had a connection with kids if they were family or just a kid in the supermarket I could always make them smile and laugh if they were sad or crying. This has helped make my decision easier. I have always loved being around kids and doing activities with kids. In order to be a good elementary teacher I believe you must have your heart put into it and know that no matter what you will be impacting at least thirty children that year.

Even though teaching is put off as an easy task but I’d like to see one of these office personal go into a classroom of second graders with a lesson plan and teach it to them. No it is not an easy task but anything that will have such a reward at the end never is easy. There is a lot more to it that working at the school from seven to three. From the late nights making lesson plans off how your class is reacting to previous plans. Then there are early mornings getting things together and ready for the day ahead. Teachers must be able to act quickly to many situations such as fire or tornado. There are always interruptions throughout the day as well. A teaching job is not a easy one, actually I think it is one of...
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