“Advantages and Disadvantages to Teaching”

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“Advantages and Disadvantages to Teaching”
Teaching is one of the things I always desired to do. Growing up I admired my teachers and their enthusiasm they had towards teaching. Though teaching sounds like a supreme job, there are always advantages and disadvantages when it comes to teaching. Just like any other occupation there may be things we may not like. So, today I am going to address what the advantages and disadvantages to being a teacher are.

An advantage to teaching is interaction you will have with children. Unlike a job where you sit at a desk constantly confined in a small cubical, teaching lets you come in contact with children all day. I myself have two children and everyday it is something new with them. They keep me interested in so many things they love to talk about and they are always asking questions to help them understand a situation better. Teaching young children would be a motivation to keep on going and teaching new things. A young child’s mind is always ready to expand and to learn new things. That is one thing I will certainly look forward to teach and to see the joy of a child when working together.

Another advantage to teaching is you are persistently involved in intellectual matters. One who has a passion for a certain subject can share their knowledge with the students. I enjoyed teaching my son the ABCs and 123s. Working with a young child in Elementary would be my ideal job because children are starting to learn new things about English, Reading, and Math etc., and I want to be one of the teachers to share the excitement of acquiring something new.

Teaching also comes with disadvantages. If you are someone that needs to be doing something new every day and gets jaded by the same routine, then teaching may not be the job for you. When it comes to teaching, most of your day becomes consumed in the three Rs of ritual, routine, and repetition. This disadvantage comes naturally amongst all professions. One may think, “Well I...
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