Teaching as a Career

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Teaching as Career and Not as a Pay Check

Many people that choose to become teachers because someone in their family was a teacher. Some teachers started out in another profession and never thought about teaching at all. After watching the National Teachers of the Year and listen to their stories it has enlighten me on why I choose to be a Teacher. Why do I want to be a teacher? I want to be a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in a child’s life. I volunteered in many elementary schools with low-income families, and I would have students say Mr. P. I enjoyed learning today or you made this lesson fun. That is what made me say ok this is my calling. Teaching to me is a calling not a hobby. You have to be special to be called to teach. Many teachers are in the classroom because of a check and it is evident because of the way they treat their students. If you do not have the passion to teach why are you there? Children remember what we as teachers say to them and it will scar a child for life. Like Jenna Hallman from South Carolina, my home state a third grade teacher whose wish is to know that she has made a difference in a child’s life before she takes her last breath on this earth. I feel the same way. When I get ready to leave this earthly world I want my students to remember me as the teacher that made an impact on their life whether it be through a lesson or even through music. I was inspired to teach by my sixth grade teacher. We did a lot of neat and fun activities to enhance the lesson, like making Johnnycakes and having story parties when we finished a book. Teaching should be a magical experience for your students where they can unlock their potential and their voice. That is how Jean Lamar of Florida feels about her students. I also wanted to teach grades 3-5 and I have been blessed to be able to teach all three grades in my years of teaching. Teaching these grades you can mold students the importance of education, life skills, and other...
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