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Assignment 1: Finding the Leader in You: Self-Assessment / Johari Window
Paper Submitted to Instructor: Dr. G. Reeley
BUS520037VA016-1134-001 Leadership and Organizational
Annette West
Strayer University
April 27, 2013

Assignment 1: Finding the Leader in You: Self-Assessment / Johari Window
A Paper
In order to become more informed about specific leadership styles that are commonly used in an organization, the Wiley Schermerhorn: Management Self-Assessment tool was utilized to assist in defining areas of strength. With the information provided and the assessment results obtained, there was an easy comprehensive interpretation of what the results meant. Table 1 provides the Profile of Personality Characteristics and Assessment Results. This information assists in determining how personality characteristics help shape how we lead in organizations.

Table 1
Personality Characteristics| Assessment Results|
21st Century Manager| 8.5|
Transformational Leadership Transactional Leadership| 2426| Intuitive Ability| 7|
Organizational Design Preference| 1=”the baseball team”2=”the club”3=”the fortress”4=”the academy”|

Along with the assessment results, the Wiley Schermerhorn tool was able to provide a summarized interpretation of what the scored results represented. According to the scores from the 21st Century Manager domain, it determined that the score of 8.5 is a good starting point as I consider where and how to further pursue the development of your management skills and competencies. My success will rest on (1) an initial awareness of the importance of these basic management foundations and (2) a willingness to strive continually to strengthen them throughout the work career.

In reviewing Transformational and Transactional Leadership characteristics, the score 24 and 26, respectively, describes a leader/manager...
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