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There are a number of reasons why I have considered Suny Empire State College as an option to continue my education. Suny Empire offers multiple study options such as studying with a mentor, as well as convenient online study. Suny Empire offers much more affordable education rates than many other colleges out there. I’d like to continue my education through Suny Empire to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Community and Human Services. I believe this field of study is ideal for me as I have prior Human Services experience. Since receiving my Associates Degree through Cayuga Community College, I believe I have gained a lot of knowledge, and that I am ready for the next step for my education. A Suny Empire State College degree is unlike a lot of other college degree programs that are offered. At suny Empire, the student has a wide variety of study options that are appealing. I like the option of being able to study one-on-one with an instructor. Having the ability to get the extra attention and help when needed is great. In other college degree programs, the student can be in a class with up to thirty or more other students, and it is impossible to get the extra help that is needed. Also, at Suny Empire, the tuition rates are much lower as opposed to some of the other private colleges. With the economy, and the rising cost of living, I believe it would be wise to choose the more affordable option. I also like the idea that I can complete my Suny Empire studies at the nearby Cayuga Community College, as I work a lot, and need to study close to home. At Suny Empire, the Community and Human Services program is a good choice for me, because I’ve always wanted to work in a field where I can interact directly with people. I enjoy helping others and I hope to make a positive difference in their lives by obtaining a job in the Human Services field, primarily in social work, or Substance Abuse Counseling. In this field I can talk with people and help them identify...
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