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ECED 100 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Statewide Online Course
Student Name: Ann Brown

ISTAR-KR Assignment

Assignment Steps and Directions
1. Visit the web site https://ican.doe.state.in.us/beta/
2. On the Left side of the page, click on ISTEP+
3.Center of Page click on Resources
4. Print the following ISTAR-KR assessments (matrices charts). Look each chart over. Then answer the 10 questions below. You can type your answer right beside each question, or number 1-10 below the questions and type your answers. ISTAR - KR : English/Language Arts||||

ISTAR - KR : Math||||
ISTAR - KR : Personal Care||||
ISTAR - KR : Physical||||
ISTAR - KR : Social Emotional||||

1.What do the letters NCLB stand for? No Child Left Behind 2.What do the letters DOE stand for? Department of Education 3.What do the letters ISTAR-KR stand for? Indiana Standards Tool for Alternate Reporting of Kindergarten Readiness 4.What ages is ISTAR-KR for? Birth - 5 years old

5.Is the ISTAR-KR only for children with special needs? No, this assessment can be used with any child or group of children. Now think about a child you know between the ages of birth-5 years old that you might want to assess. 6.In your opinion, which matrices would you start with and why? I would begin with the English/Language Arts assessment for the simple fact that the very first assessment involved changes in facial expression due to sounds the child hears (or fails to hear) in the environment. Because my father is deaf, this is one area I'm more sensitive to, and although I've never had a deaf child in any of my classrooms, I do know that the inability to hear clearly will change the entire learning the child either learns, or fails to learn. 7.In what kind of setting could you do your assessment? I would perform this assessment in whatever the child's natural daily environment is. In my home daycare, I would simply observe the child as he interacts...
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