Target Culture

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Target Culture
BUS 610

While finishing my Bachelors of Science at Cal Poly Pomona I worked for a retail company called Target. Target is really a world of its own and not like very many other retail companies. I interned for three months and worked there for about a year. Even though I no longer work there, I did learn a lot about the company and its culture. The best way to understand Target culture is to understand their commitment to their employees and guests. Target’s commitment is to “foster an inclusive culture is a core value that’s integrated into every aspect of our business. By fostering an inclusive culture, we enable all of our team members to leverage their unique talents and high performance standards to drive innovation and success (Culture).” According to, an observable artifact is a more visible level of culture representation. This can include anything from a published list of values adopted by a company to a special assigned parking space. Who can forget the red and khaki colors that Target is known for? Red and Khaki are the colors worn by the employees to help the guests who come into the store, be able to recognize those who work there. Another symbol of Target is the Target bullseye as their logo. No matter where you go, if you see an image with that symbol on it, you automatically assume it is the Target advertisement. Also we know how much the guests love Bullseye, the official ambassador of Target. From popping up in TV spots to posing with celebs on the red carpet to appearing with Target’s race team in the winner’s circle, Bullseye has been spotted in some pretty cool places Target’s culture is to be recognized and remembered for the customer service they provide. They want those who see their dog, their logo, or even their colors to recognize and remember the great experience they receive. According to, the definition of espoused values is culture and morals important to an...
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