Target Audiences and Stylistic Technique: Lynda Hurst Versus Allan Hutchinson

Topics: Diction, Audience, Audience theory Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Lynda Hurst and Allan C. Hutchinson both have different thoughts about the topic of surrogates. Their articles consist of stylistic techniques that are used to attract readers from two dissimilar audiences: Lynda's audience is directed towards the average person, where as Allan's audience targets a more higher educated reader. Both authors use different types of diction, structure and reasoning to capture their intended audiences.

Lynda and Allan both use two distinct choices of words in order to attract their different target audiences. Lynda uses informal diction as well as simple language in order to create an emotional appeal to her readers. An example of this would be, "[t]he recommendations make many of us shiver in distaste" (Hurst, Lynda. 23). Lynda connects with her audience using words that they can relate to emotionally by using the pronoun "us" as in the example above to make the audience feel connected to the text. The language within her piece is simplistic, making it easier for her readers to understand. This appeals to her target audience as it is in terms that everyone could relate to and comprehend. Allan on the other hand uses complex word choices that has an intellectual appeal to his audience. This type of diction makes Allan's tone more informative, serious and impersonal. He does not connect himself with the topic as he relies on laws and facts about surrogates. An example of this is; "[a]lthough there was a powerful dissent, the majority of the law reform commissioners maintained that, as a matter of public policy, surrogacy ought to be permissible "(Hutchinson, Allan. 24).This appeals to his higher educated audience as it is more intricate and has language that is more in depth. The audience would not feel threatened by his vocabulary and instead would enjoy its complexity. His use of word choice might not have as much appeal to the average reader.

Each author employs a different type of structure in order to captivate their...
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