Paradigm of a Healing Hospital

Topics: Assisted reproductive technology, Pregnancy, Sperm donation Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Some examples of actual and alleged unethical conduct in practicing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have given rise public debate about these rapidly progressing technologies. In certain instances it was believed that eggs stored for posterity by patients were used to impregnate others without any explanation, permission, or the informed consent of the parties. Although this was not the first time revelation of potential deception has ever come to light in the field of ART. There have been other cases where a doctor who operated a private clinic used his own sperm for artificial insemination without the patients consent. (Riddick, 2006) The following discusses assisted reproduction, surrogate parenting, what are the implications on the definition of parenting, is surrogate parenting good or bad, as well as if surrogate parenting a way to exploit the poor. Ethical Issues related to parenting

Surrogate parenting is a process where an arrangement is made and an individual who is not a parent is given the parental rights, duties and the responsibility of parenthood either it is court pointed or voluntary. Another example on the more scientific level, an infertile couple can pay another woman who agrees to carry the baby for the infertile woman (couple) through artificial insemination. (Medical Encyclopedia, 2013). The ethical dilemmas surrounding parenting involves several parties, the surrogate, the intending family as well as the child. Some of the dilemmas from the surrogate are is she going to be able to let the child go once it is delivered, after taking the pain of carrying and delivering the child not to mention the stress that comes with it. The dilemmas on the intending family can be questions as, is the surrogate able to carry the child to full term, is she going to change her mind by trying to keep the child, is the child truly theirs since another person carried it, are they going to disclose this information to the child one day?...
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