Topics: Abortion, Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, Intact dilation and extraction Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Population control around the world comes at a very high price some examples are Cancer, A.I.D.S, War, Natural Disasters least but not last Abortion. Imagine that you are at the center of a balance beam, on right side you have the physical life of an infant and on the left side you have the mental and emotional life of a mother and her unwanted child. Abortion is a dilemma for society and is one of the leading causes of death that is affecting our world today and the life of others. Abortion has been practiced for hundreds of year even before I was born, as years pasted on. Medical technology has made numerous advancements in making this procedure safer and much more sanitary for women receiving these kinds of operations. The end result still remains the same for the helpless child, death. Abortion continues to be one of the most debating and country dividing topics throughout the world. Within recent years, there have been a lot of anit-movements regarding the governmental restrictions of abortion. The United States Supreme Court legalized abortion in the well-known trial case Roe vs. Wade making the decision in 1973. After that decision was made the face of Abortion changed completely, there are about 1.2 million abortions being performed each year in the United States (Emedicinehealth). In 2003 congress took a stand and introduced the Partial- Birth Act which was a huge accomplishment for Congress. The term partial-birth describes a new procedure that was being used to remove a fetus from the womb with later-term pregnancies. The term is not a medical one; rather it was coined for political usage. The procedure is correctly termed dilation and extraction, or intact dilation and extraction. Anti-abortion activists felt that by using the expression partial-birth, people would be more likely to oppose this type of abortion. This Type of procedure must be done 24 weeks from conception (Abortion: Late-Term/Partial-Birth). Even though this may seem as a...
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