Taking Care of a Pet

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  • Published : April 7, 2011
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Maria L. Richardson
Eng 015
March 16, 2011

Taking care of a pet
Having a dog is a like having a child. It’s a full time job. It requires a lot of responsibility. All you need to know is what your dog needs are, then meet them. First step is picking the right type of dog. Also choosing a name that is suitable, that you can easily remember. Next finding a home, make sure that your pet home is secured. Whether it's inside or outside. If its inside make sure your furniture or anything is out of reach and are not easily damage. If your pet lives outside make its home is enjoyable from cold, wind, and rain in the winter and from harsh hot sun in the summer. Secondly food, be sure you know the diet and feeding schedule of your dog. Most dogs need to be fed once or twice a day. Never give your dog table scraps that can make your dog sick. Feed your dog in a comfortable safe place so that they can feel protected. Thirdly make sure your dog has plenty of water, clean, and fresh. You should change your dog water at least twice a day. Exercise your dog a dog needs plenty of exercise this will keep them healthy, happy, and fit. Walk, run hike, or play fetch with your dog. Lastly love and affection, just like people dog loves attention the more you give, the more you’ll get back. You can give your dog hugs, kisses (if you wish) or even gentle pats this is all in taking care of a pet.
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