Taiwanese and British Eating Habits

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Taiwanese and British eating habits
The culture of a country is an essential part of its society, and each eating habit is an important part of our lives because it is related with people’s health. What are the eating habits of Taiwan and the UK? Based on my experience and the reading, there are some differences and similarities between the UK and Taiwan. The UK, a big country, has both ancient and modern eating habits. In contrast, Taiwan, a small island, has eating habits including Han Chinese, Japanese, American, and aborigines eating cultures, which have developed Taiwanese eating culture.

Initially, Taiwan and the UK have several similarities of eating habits. British people eat rice, noodle, as do Taiwanese. Both countries have the same way to cook like to boil, fry, grill and bake. British like to meet their friends when they eat just as Taiwanese. Nowadays people become getting busier, so people in both countries have coffee in the morning instead of eating breakfast.

However, despite these similarities, there are several significant differences in both eating habits of the UK and Taiwan. An important difference is the time of eating lunch and dinner. In Taiwan, people eat lunch from twelve to one o’clock, but British eat lunch from one to two o’clock. Although both countries have traditional markets, Taiwanese go to the market buying meat and vegetables everyday, but British do not go so often. Supermarkets are very popular in the UK, and people buy everything there. On the other hand, In Taiwan supermarkets are not big as those of the UK, so people do not often buy meat at supermarkets.

The other different is the dinner time for the people of each country. The British people like spending time to talk with family in dinner, it cause they eating dinner so late. But Taiwanese do not spend too much time talking with family in dinner. Taiwanese like to drink tea when they finish their dinner. In contrast, British drink tea at tea break time. On...
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