Culture Evaluation of Japan

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Assignment Week 5
Cultural Difference Team paper

Aaron Garcia, Amy Grabotin
Catheine Bertotto, Bryan Ohare
University of Phoenix
Dr. Maryann Lamer

Date March 11 2013 Salary men vs. Businessmen,
There are many different types of cultural issues one needs to take into consideration when dealing with a Japanese business men referred to as (salary men). For example there are no types of arguments in the Japanese business culture. There is much respect given to their elders. A salary man will never question or talk ill of the company it works for. There is no retiring at the age of 65. The career is for life in the same company which will also take care of the salary men for life. This career path is prepared for him since birth. The mother does all the research, from the best kinder garden to what college he may attend. All this is only possible with two consideration. The father makes all the decisions and the company he works for will dictate how he will be received. The social statues depends on the company's reputation and revenue.   When dealing with a salary man you always must exchange business cards since this is a sense of pride for a salary man due to the life time family bond that is built between the salary man and the company he represents.(“Cultural Differences between U.S and Japan”) American and Japan Business,

There are many cultural differences between Japan and America. Americans tend to be direct and to the point in their work. They often state their opinion on business matters, when in Japan it is considered impolite. Americans deal with a lot of facts, so when presenting in America that is what we are looking for to make business decisions. It is also...
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