Ta Level 3 Task 6

Topics: Sexually transmitted disease, Bullying, Chlamydia infection Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Task 6.1

smiling at children and making eye contact with them
lowering yourself bodily to communication at the same height •welcoming children when they approach you
respond to children's requests positively and offer guidance and help when needed •show patience, understanding and know how not to prematurely judge events, opinions, happenings •use praise and congratulate

use activities to challenge and motivate children appropriately •Suggest ideas to extend a competency. maybe moving from a 10 piece jigsaw to 20 piece • Support children in extending a competency with suggestions. climb steps/ navigate a balance beam without hand-holding or moving gradually to that goal by using the minimal amount of hand contact that provides a reassurance •show genuine interest in what children are doing, exploring, learning about, discussing, suggesting •challenging discrimination and help others see why equality & inclusion are good

Resilience is very important as it is the trait that children gain through recovering from negative experiences; e.g. not being picked first on the football team, not gaining a merit for work they thought deserved it and hurting themselves whilst attempting a tough move in P.E. Resilience is what allows the child to react positively to a negative situation e.g. failing at a task but just thinking ‘that way didn’t work; I’ll just keep trying till it does’ and allows children to react aggressively if for example they were bullied. IN terms of young people resilience allows them to not bend to peer pressure and can positively manage the teasing that can come with it, which could lead to smoking/ drugs, underage drinking and underage sex. Resilience is also good when negative things happen at home such as, parents splitting up, death in the family, as a resilient child is less likely to struggle or breakdown.

Children must learn to take care of themselves but at the same time be allowed to take risks and try new...
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