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Outcome 4 Be able to lead practise in supporting children and young people’s well being and resilience. 4.1 Justify how promoting wellbeing and resilience supports the safeguarding of children and young people

Resilience is about how an individual deals, resists, recovers and learns from adversity’s in life. If a child is resilient they are less likely to be damaged as a result of negative experiences and are more likely to learn from and move on. In order for a child to be resilient they need to believe in themselves and have others they can rely on in their lives. In order to develop resilience children and young people need firm foundations including; Trusting relationships, Structure and rules ,Good role models, encouragement to be themselves, access to health, education services, need to be loving and be able to understand their feelings and empathise with others, they need to be independent and responsible, be able to problem solve and be able to communicate with others.

Developing resilience is important because it can help reverse some of the effects that negative incidents can have on children and young people. For example a non-resilient child dealing with incidents of bullying,may feel totally overwhelmed , depressed and may withdraw. But a child who has developed resilience will value themselves more and their self esteem will encourage them to stand up for themselves. .Resilience can prevent young people from taking more drastic action like self harming or suicide and can send a message to the bullies that what they’re doing is not working, they will also be less likely to develop emotional problems like depression or anxiety as a result.

4.2 Review how children or young people’s resilience and well-being are supported in your own work setting.

Parents and other adults can promote resilience in children through their words, actions, and the environment they provide. For example in our setting we enocurage parents to praise their...
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