Systems Development Life Cycle

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Check Point: Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) DUE FRIDAY 30 Points

* Write a 200-word paragraph outlining the phases of SDLC and identifying the different personnel that participate in this process.

There are many phases involved in SDLC, starting from the beginning is system investigation. This involves professionals looking into the business problem that needs to be solved, and also taking a deeper look at the problems that could come while developing an IT system for a business. The second stage, systems analysis, can only begin once the “development project” has been approved. Once approved, a team of workers begin the system analysis. They go into more detail about what the business problem is, how it will be solved, and the very specific information needed to find the solution. Once that is finished system developers begin the system design phase. It must be explained how the system will accomplish its task. Fourth is programming, computer programmers must fully explain the specific design into computer code. Many times the computer programmers work in teams, because of how detailed and how long the process can be. Proper testing is then needed to be sure that computer code can work, and do exactly what the company needs to IT program to do. The next phase is then changing from the old system, and transferring to the new system. Three strategies are used to aid in the implementation phase: direct conversion, pilot conversion, and phased conversion. The operation phase can then begin, where the new system is now the system the company uses. Last is maintenance, which many times will continue the whole time the system is in operation. There is debugging and updating done so that the system can continue to be used for the company and meet the company’s needs.
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