Itm 3060 Ch 10

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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1. (B) An analysis of proposed system feasibility and a logical system design are part of which of the following SDLC phase? a. Construction phase b. Definition phase c. Implementation phase d. System-building phase

2. (B) The SDLC phase that typically requires the greatest percentage of total cost for a project is the _________ phase. a. definition b. construction c. implementation d. final

3. (B) A feasibility analysis includes which of the following components? a. System requirements document b. Scope or boundaries of the system c. Processes used to convert data d. All of the above.

4. (A) The ___________ approach to systems development has often been referred to as the "waterfall" model. a. SDLC b. prototyping c. RAD d. XP

5. (C) Deciding what hardware and software will be used to operate the system and defining the processing modules that will comprise the system are part of which SDLC step? a. System building b. Requirements definition c. System design d. Feasibility analysis

6. (A) System testing, as part of the SDLC Construction phase, is the responsibility of: a. both users and IS analysts. b. users only. c. IS analysts only. d. independent third parties.

7. (A) Which of the following accurately describes the order in which a system is tested? a. b. c. d. Module testing, subsystem testing, integration testing, acceptance testing Subsystem testing, acceptance testing, integration testing, module testing Acceptance testing, integration testing, subsystem testing, module testing Module testing, integration testing, subsystem testing, acceptance testing

8. (D) A conversion strategy whereby an organization continues to operate the old system together with the new one for one or more cycles, until the new system is working properly and the old system can be discontinued is called a: a. pilot strategy. b. phased strategy. c. cutover strategy. d. parallel strategy.

9. (C) Which of the following accurately describes the cutover (cold...
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