Sustainable Tourism in Scotland

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Sustainable tourism

“Development of sustainable tourism in Scotland”


Main questions:

1. What is sustainable tourism?

2. Characteristics of sustainable tourism:

- Economic

- Social equity

- Environmental and cultural protection

3. Introducing Scotland…(short description)

- Country sides

- Tourism

- Tourists

- Historical heritages

- Places and destinations in Scotland


4. The sustainable tourism in Scotland?

5. Who is responsible for the development of the sustainability in Scotland?

- Who’s doing what?

- Future government projects?

6. What are the key challenges to the sustainability of Scottish tourism? Challenges
1: Reducing the seasonality of demand
2: Addressing the impact of tourism transport
3: Minimising resource use and waste
4: Looking after our natural and cultural heritage
5: Enhancing quality of life for Scottish communities through tourism 6: Improving the quality of tourism jobs
7: Making holidays available to all

7. What should the tourist know about his visit in Scotland?

8. Ostavat :

- Promqna na Problem Formulation

- Introduction

- Conclusion

- Table of contents

Problem formulation

Sustainable tourism is simply sustainable development achieved through tourism. Sustainable development is economic development that takes a long-term view. It balances the benefits of economic development against environmental and social costs. Just as sustainable development assumes continued economic growth, so sustainable tourism assumes continued tourism growth. Sustainable tourism is not a marketing idea to attract new markets - it is a strategic term to describe a specific approach to the development of tourism. Sustainable tourism aims to take all impacts, positive and negative, into account. All tourism has the potential to be more sustainable. As well as encouraging continued tourism growth, sustainable tourism will ensure that Scotland’s two key tourism assets, the natural heritage and the communities, will survive and thrive. 

Problem definition:
How to solve the key challenges of Scottish tourism and how is it possible to reach the sustainable goal of Scotland tourism development?

Methodology part

This project is based on led desk research (secondary data) which gives the opportunity of using and cultivating the internet sites, books and other sources which were used further below in the development of the project process. The purpose of the project is to define the key challenges in the particular destination like Scotland or how to develop a certain area by usage of sustainability in tourism. The first step is defining the term “Sustainable tourism”. The second step is detailed examining of the characteristics of sustainable tourism. The third step is small description of the chosen destination – Scotland. The fourth step is defining the tourism in Scotland and implement statistic for the development of the sustainable tourism in the Scottish region. The final of the project is answering the key term in the project - How to solve the key challenges of Scottish tourism and how is it possible to reach the sustainable goal of Scotland tourism development.

What is sustainable tourism?

As far as we know the concept of sustainability in tourism is not clearly understood, but it is one of the most used concepts in modern tourism development. We can define sustainable tourism also through the definition of WTO “Tourism which leads to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems.”

We could argue with that definition because of many different...
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