Support Childrens and Young People's Health and Safety

Topics: Hygiene, Teacher, Food Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: November 22, 2012
2.1 Demonstrate how to identify potential hazards to the health, safety and security of children or young people, families and other visitors and colleagues. Food safety:-
Appropriate clothing-when handling food I wear latex gloves and apron and always tie my hair back •Washing hands-children are taught the importance of why washing hands needs to be done when handling food. •Food stock-at our school we have staff who are in charge of making sure the milk and fruit is in date and stored correctly. They distribute it around the school. •Allergies to food-we send out and keep a file of consent forms. In my class there is a girl who is allergic to eggs and fish so when she handles them she has to wear latex gloves. •Age equivalent equipment-we have plastic knives for the younger children to use. Before using equipment it is thoroughly cleaned and checked for damage or faults. We have cutlery with special grippers for children with special or extra needs. •Food stored at the correct temperature-if using food for experiments or baking I must make sure it is stored correctly and at the right temperature to stop it going off. •Food is in date-when using food in school I check the dates on the food before using it for any activity, if a child or member of staff was to eat go off food they could become seriously poorly. •Food is disposed of correctly-when throwing away unused or leftover food we have bins outside of the building specifically for food waste. Physical:-

Checking the environment-I always make sure the classroom is safe before the children enter, if going outside I check the area for any hazards. •Display boards-make sure they are up to date and display notices to the children, staff and visitors on how to be safe around the school environment. •Equipment-make sure all equipment is risk assessed and PAT stickers/stamps are in date before using equipment. If children were to use a faulty laptop they could be electrocuted. •Spillages- clean up...
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