Level 2 Food Safety Task 3

Topics: Food preservation, Food, Refrigerator Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Storing food properly is an important part of controlling food safety hazards. Different types of foods need to be stored in different areas. For example, raw meat and poultry should be covered and stored on the bottom shelf of the fridge so that any blood or juice can’t drip onto food below. Chilled food needs to be kept in the fridge at a temperature of 5 degrees or below. Freezers need to be -18 degrees or colder and frozen foods must be kept in there at all times unless being prepared. Checking the temperature of the fridges and freezers is important to ensure the foods are being kept at the right temperature. If dry foods are stored on shelves in cupboards they should be in pest proof, air tight containers to prevent any pests or vermin getting into the food, or any bacteria getting onto it. Checking the dates on food to see if they are out of date prevents any illness that could come from eating out of date food. The dates should be checked regularly and anything out of date should be thrown away and disposed of properly. Raw foods should be kept completely separate from high risk foods to prevent any bacteria spreading from one food item to another. For example raw vegetables should be kept well away from raw chicken.

http://www.food.gov.uk/ - This website shows the food standards in kitchens that need to be met in business’ and industries. http://www.nhs.uk/Pages/HomePage.aspx - The NHS website provides information on nutrition, diets and health and gives support and advice to anyone who needs it. In my setting there are posters on the walls in the kitchens on hand washing, protective clothing and food safety. I can also get information and advice from the staff who work in the kitchen, as they are all trained and have Food Safety qualifications. There are many policies and procedures for handling food and drink in the school, such as hot food and children with intolerances.
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