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Meeting dietary and nutritional needs

All children in all care settings should be supervised at all times during meal times to avoid food poisoning or related illnesses and that they are avoided. Handling food and drink is essential as bacteria can grow quickly, childcare practitioners need to know how to store and prepare food safely.

It is a legal requirement for all childcare practitioners to undergo a basic food handling course. Usually this is a one day course and Ofsted will visit the setting and check that all staff hold a valid certificate.

Storing food
Food must be checked regularly and this check must include a check of use by date, sell by date, and bin anything that is out of date. Always check with a fridge thermometer to make sure that a fridge temperature is kept between 0 degrees Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius

• Ensure the freezer us working and that the temperature is below 18 degrees Hot food must be always cooled quickly before placing it in the fridge. • .Store raw meat and fish separately
• Store raw foods at bottom of the fridge to avoid juices dropping onto other foods • Never freeze food that has begun to thaw
• Date food you put in the fried so that other members or staff can discard it if you are not there.

Preparing food

• Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food
• Remove watches, bracelets, rings and jewellery
• Tie back hair and wear an apron
• Cover cuts and wounds with a coloured, waterproof dressing • Do not touch your nose or mouth, or cough and sneeze over food • Cover waste bins
Serving food
• Only use clean crockery and utensils that are not cracked or chipped • Provide all children with their own cups and utensils • Ensure all children and adults wash their hands before eating • Ensure children sit down and are able to reach their food safely • Do not give younger children sharp knifes to cut their food...
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