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Topics: Supply chain management, Logistics, Inventory Pages: 4 (509 words) Published: January 12, 2013
oThe following topics will be reviewed on midterm:
CH 1
1. What utility is contributed by logistics? (pg 3)

2. What is possession utility? (pg 3)

3. What is place utility? (pg 3)

4. What are the types of economic utility? (pg 3)

5. What is the systems approach? (pg 9)

6. What is physical distribution? (pg 10)

CH 5
7. What year did the supply chain management concept emerge? (pg 79)

8. What is the supply chain definition? (pg 79)

9. What are the three main supply chain models? (pg 80)

10. What traits should contemporary supply chain have? (pg 83)

11. What is the definition of a partnership? (pg 84)

12. What is a fourth party logistics (4PL) provider? (pg 88)

CH 6
13. What is the definition of procurement? (pg 97)

14. What is procurement’s focus? (pg 97)

15. What terms are used synonymously? (pg 98)

16. What are the objectives of procurement? (pgs 98)

17. What is situational analysis? (pg 99)

CH 7
18. What is demand management? (pg 113)

19. What is cause and effect forecasting? (pg 114)

20. What is judgmental forecasting? (pg 114)

21. What are the methods of order transmittal? (pg 116)

22. What is the definition of customer service? (pg 121)

23. What is the definition of multichannel marketing? (pg 122)

CH 8
24. What is inventory (definition)? (pg 133)

25. What are the results of holding high inventory levels? (pg 134)

26. What is buffer stock? (pg 134)

27. What is speculative stock? (pg 134)

28. What is inventory shrinkage? (pg 136)

29. What are the assumptions of the EOQ model? (pg 140)

CH 9
30. According to the text, what is the trend for companies in recent years regarding the number of facilities? (pg 158)

31. What is one of the key aspects in location determination regarding labor? (pg 161)

32. What is a maquiladora plant? (pg 162)

33. What are quality of life...
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