The Morioka Manufacturing Company Case

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  • Published : May 4, 2011
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American companies want to reach the level of Japanese companies on business success. Japan has its own style of management, consisting of four main points. From America is the political pressure on Japan to more imports of goods and investing money in American industry. The result is a clash of two styles of managements. PROBLEM

Difficulties in applying Japanese management techniques to the American employees. CAST OF CHARACTERS
a. CEO 2M Mr.Yoshi Hajima
b. Japanese model of management, the American model of management, U.S. and Japanese government, employees; The Morioka Manufacturing Company (2M); Bendix Corporation CHRONOLOGY
- Political pressure associated with investing in U.S. production - Purchase of a factory in California
- The emergence of the problem of association staff
- Talk to the CEO of the Japanese company with a friend from San Francisco - Find ways to solve the problem
1. Whether to sell the factory?
2. How to combine two models of management?
3. How to improve the efficiency of production?
4. How to avoid the complete ruin factory?
5. How to find a common language with the factory worker?

a. Advantages
1. Do not embed the Japanese model of management in the production of purchased 2. Fully translate bought a factory under standard Japanese management 3. Hold a meeting with employees of American and see how they are ready for change 4. Refuse to buy this factory

b. Disadvantages
1. Lack of coordination leads to poor results of the effectiveness of the new enterprise 2. American workers may not be ready for such changes and the cost will be useless 3. Opinion workers can disperse and can be podobrvano confidence in the leadership 4. Political pressures will remain and will have to buy the factory for further business opportunities RECCOMENDATION

a. I recommend not translate the American factory worker in California on the Japanese model of management. b....
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