Gung Ho

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Gung Ho
The movie “Gung Ho” is about a Japanese automobile company called the “Assan Motors” beginning to do business in the United States where cultural problem occurs between the Japanese managers and American employees.

In the start of the movie, Hunt Stevenson goes to Japan and asks the firm owners to re-open the auto plant. After a little persuasion by Hunt Stevenson, the Japanese owners agree to run the business in the United States, but make assurance that the company will be directed by the Japanese executives.

As the firm continues to operate, the American employees and Hunt Stevenson realize that Japanese managers have far more disciplined work ethic, and expect a high level of reliability from the workers. The Japanese managers were very strict and had a well-organized way of working. The American employees weren’t use to the Japanese way of working, which is to work every day of the week and to work overtime without any extra pay. As a result, a clash between the American workers and Japanese managers occurs. Furthermore, Mr. Stevenson then tells the American employees that their pay will increase and they will have a raise if they can compose 13,000 cars per month. The word of Mr. Stevenson influences the American employees to start to work very hard and get them really encouraged. However, when one of the upper executives hears about this, he says the American employees won’t be paid more and their pay won’t increase. Let alone that salary bonus conflict, all other problems in the firm prove us a communication problem since nobody talks to each other in the company about their problems. The main problem of all this was the cultural difference and the lack of communication. In my opinion, the two main problems which are the most striking for Assan Company are related to communication and culture. To start with communication, this problem reached to the maximum point in Assan Company when Mr. Stevenson told the American employees that they would...
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