Sunar, Swarnkar

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Sunar Hindi: "Goldsmith", alterately Sonar or Swarnkar) is a Hindu caste in India referring to the community of people who work as goldsmiths. Sunars of Hindu origin are found ethnically in many religions such as Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Atheists and more. Typically a subclan found within the Rajput clan/tribe. This caste is found in varying categories within the caste system of India such as Mair Rajput, Taunk Rajput, lower reserverd backwards castes, other upper khatri descents and other castes. A story from Hinduism tells a great deity Lord returns to his kingdom and the first thing he asked was how are the sunars(Goldsmiths). The main attribute of Goldsmiths are that they determined the economy of a nation and throughout most civilisations the common currency was Gold. India being renowned as the Chicken that lays Golden eggs for its vast myths that were spread in ancient time for the amount of Gold that laid throughout India and the quality of it was renowned. The quality of Indian gold was unlike anyother in the world. Sunar: The occupational caste of goldsmiths and silversmiths. The name is derived from the Sanskrit Suvarna kār, a worker in gold. In 1911 the Sunārs numbered 96,000 persons in the Central Provinces and 30,000 in Berār. They live all over the Province and are most numerous in the large towns.”[1] “The Sunārs also have a story that they are the descendants of one of two Rājpūt brothers, who were saved as boys by a Sāraswat Brāhman from the wrath of Parasurāma when he was destroying...
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