Select a Movie or Tv Show That Effectively Communicates the Cultural, Values and Norms of a Society That Is Different from Your Own Culture. Ideally, This Movie or Tv Show Would Be a Foreign Film with Subtitles. the

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The Story of India
SSCI210-1101B-08: Sociology
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As a society many are not aware that development can be more compelling through knowledge about other society’s life experiences. Even when becoming aware, societies continue with the lack of knowledge. This results in consequences in these societies and with international relations. There are tremendous forms of ethnocentrism that can cause crucial social problems, such as ethnic cleansing, colonialism, and racism. Many of these views are destined by world communities, however many frequently see the cases.

The Story of India
The Story of India is a six set series that tells about one of the world’s largest democracies and the rising economic giant. It explains how India is known for its mastery for computer technology, spiritual traditions, and its many armed gods. It shows how the surviving civilization dates back to pre-history. It shows how, like other civilizations, India has experienced several outstanding golden ages in culture and art. It was the religious leaders and great thinkers that changed the face of the world. It sets out to show the glories and wonders of India, the diversity and richness of the people, landscapes and cultures, and drama concerning the past, (Wood, 2009).

Ethnocentrism is a word that is frequently used where inter-ethnic relations, ethnicity, and similar social problems are concerned. One way to describe it is thinking that your own group is superior to others or judging people as inferior to your own. Each person is ethnocentric, as there’s no way to avoid it and it cannot be willed away through a well-meaning or positive attitude.

Few countries have diverse and ancient cultures. India’s can be tracked back for over 5,000 years. The success of the culture has been improved by the waves of migration, which they absorbed in their ways of life. It’s this variety that is a distinguished symbol in India. The religious,...
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