Sugary Drinks

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Topic - Sugar Content

Purpose – My purpose is to inform the audience about elevated sugar content in drinks.

Thesis – The high sugar content in many drinks being marketed as “healthy” are negatively impacting the health of people across the country.

I. Introduction
As the morning rush begins may adults, teens and children get sucked into the same morning rut. Even if they take time for what they think to be a healthy breakfast most don’t realize what they are following it up with. The high sugar content n many drinks being marketed as “healthy” are negatively impacting the health of people across the country.

II. Body
Have you ever stopped and read the label on your drink of choice or what you’re giving your children to drink? Sugar content in beverages is at an all time high. Most families wouldn’t think of giving a child a Coke with their breakfast but considering that the sugar content found in Sunny Delight, Choc. Milk, and apple or orange juice have the same amount of sugar you could. In fact grape juice has the same sugar equivalence as a RockStar Energy drink. How sugary drinks Affect Childhood Obesity by Becki Andrus, published July 26, 2010 states “Child obesity has tripled and children ages 6-11 are 20% more likely to be obese”. The high sugar content in many popular drinks is a leading cause in childhood obesity. The CDC (Center of Disease Control) states “Sugar drinks are the largest source of added sugar and calories in the diets of children in the United States”; in their article “A Growing Problem” published Apr. 27, 2012. Fruit juices as well as soda are a growing problem. Hooked on Juice an Independent website looks back in saying “Way back in the day, fruit juice (usually orange, grapefruit or tomato) was regarded as something of a treat. You would have a little 4 or 6 oz. glass with your breakfast”. Once the fruit packing industry became involved it changed with slogans such as “drink a full big glass” and...
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