Response Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Sugar Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Summary-Response Essay
Informal Outline:
Thesis Statement- I enjoyed reading the article.
General Support Point 1- I liked the author's main point.
General Support Point 2- I could relate to it.
General Support Point 3- I got information from it.
General Support Point 4- I agree with her.
Summary and Response: “Path to Better Eating Strewn with Traps” The article “Path to Better Eating Strewn with Traps” by Marcia Clemmitt, talks about how the American diet can have tricks, so people can eat more calories than what they actually think they are eating. It talks about added sugars and about how they are listed on food labels. The article tells what errors people are making when eating or drinking sugar-sweetened beverages. After all, I enjoyed reading the article. I liked Clemmitt's thesis statement of the article Which says that, “From sugar-laden processed foods to super-sized sugary sodas, the American diet provides abundant opportunities for people to consume more calories than they realize. And trying to figure out the sugar content on a food label can be challenging, say nutrition experts, because the true sugar content is often obscured.” I think that this is a really good thesis and that it is good for starting the essay because it focused my attention right away. From reading the thesis, i knew i could relate to the article because I want to lose weight. Before eating something i always look at they nutritional labels. I am the kind of person that counts calories and that worries about how many I have consumed over the day. When I know i have consumed too many calories during a day, I always exercise to try to burn those extra calories. Sometimes I think that exercise is not going to help me since i do it during the night. In addition, almost all nights I eat cereal, but i serve it into large bowls which according to the article is not good for me. Now that i have read the article I got helpfull information from it. Before reading the article,...
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