Submersible Pumps

Topics: Submersible pump, Electric motor, Normal distribution Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Submersible Pump Application
The system consists of a submersible pump controlled by a Danfoss VLT AQUA Drive and a pressure transmitter. The transmitter gives a 4-20 mA feedback signal to the VLT AQUA Drive, which keeps a constant pressure by controlling the speed of the pump. To design a drive for a submersible pump application, there are a few important issues to take into consideration. Therefore the drive used must be chosen according to motor current. 1. The motor is a so called “Can motor” with a stainless steel can between the rotor and stator. There is a larger and a more magnetic resistant air-gap than on a normal motor hence a weaker field which results in the motors being designed with a higher rated current than a norm motor with similar rated power.

2. The pump contains thrust bearings which will be damaged when running below minimum speed which normally will be 30 Hz. 3. The motor reactance is nonlinear in submersible pump motors and therefore Automatic Motor Adaption (AMA) may not be possible. However, normally submersible pumps are operated with very long motor cables that might eliminate the nonlinear motor reactance and enable the drive to perform AMA. If AMA fails, the motor data can be set from parameter group 1-3* (see motor datasheet). Be aware that if AMA has succeeded the drive will compensate for voltage drop in the long motor cables, so if the Advanced motor data are set manually, the length of the motor cable must be taken into considerations to optimize system performance. 4. It is important that the system is operated with a minimum of wear and tear of the pump and motor. A Danfoss Sine-Wave filter can lower the motor insulation stress and increase lifetime (check actual motor insulation and VLT AQUA Drive du/dt specification). It is recommended to use a filter to reduce the need for service.

5. EMC performance can be difficult to achieve due to the fact that the special pump cable which is able to withstand the wet conditions in...
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